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Below are five books that I would recommend for the AICE Sociology AS Level Course. The first three can be checked out from the media center. That being said, the books are not expensive, so if you want your own copy, feel free to order one.

This is the main text for the course. It pretty much gives an outline of the AS and A Level Cambridge Curriculum. A good tool to use as an overview and study guide. Check this out from the media center
This is one of the best histories of Marriage and how our preconceptions about what marriage is in the modern world is not the norm for history. That marriage is associated with love is a historical contingency and a social construct.
Check this out from the Media Center
This book gives a really great explanation of sociological thinking and how to incorporate theory into your analysis. It is well written in everyday language. Definitely worth your time.
Check this out from the Media Center
This is another great book for giving an overview of sociological thinking its social, philosophical and historical context. It’s a great book for digging deeper into theory and gaining a greater depth of understanding.
Not available in the Media Center
This is another great book to help you understand the sociological perspective. It also includes a great chapter on the Sociology of the Family.
Not Available in the Media Center

free texts

American Society: How it Actually Works

Boundless Sociology

Cliffs Notes Sociology

Sociology: Understanding and Changing the Social World

Introduction to Sociology: 1st Canadian Edition

Social Problems: Continuity and Change


Riots are Not Just Mindless Violence

Thomas More’s Utopia — Complete Book

Friedrich Engels: The Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State

Branislaw Malinowski: Argonauts of the Western Pacific

Theme One: Foundations of Sociology

This is a pretty good summary of Marxist Theory. He goes into Alienation more than I did. Caution, some bad words.
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Video Lectures

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Study Guides

A great Explanation of the Social Construction of Reality

Reality is socially constructed when human interactions are repeated and become habits. These habits are then institutionalized, or taught as the legitimate way of interacting. These interactions then become reified, or seen as intrinsically real. Moral Entrepreneurs may arise that challenge the social construct. When that happens, the tendency is to assume that the Moral Entrepreneur is pathological and that the social construct is valid.

Papa Cambridge Past Papers in Sociology: Past papers are an invaluable tool for study. Extra credit for any practice questions you do from the past papers (so long as they were not already submitted as required essays for the quarter.

Writing Advice and Structures

Writing for Sociology University of California Berkeley

Writing an A Level Essay

UNC Chapel Hill Sociology Writing Center