Honors Economics


free texts

In addition to the Economics Textbook offered by the School District, below are some free online textbooks available for you.

Principles of Economics Open Stax

Principles of Macroeconomics Open Stax

Principles of Microeconomics Open Stax

Theme 1



Investopedia: How Interest Rates on Mortgages Work

FDIC: Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

NCUA: National Credit Union Association

Money Market Deposit Accounts

Money Market Mutual Funds

CDs: Certificates of Deposit

Cashing a Check

Endorsing a Check

Writing a Check

What Are Secured Credit Cards

Building Credit

Theme 2



World Happiness Index Website

NOTE: I’ve included a bunch of economics links and blogs that you can use for your own research for class or personal interest

Theme 3

Theme 4

Angel Investors

Venture Capitalists

Private Equity

Entrepreneurial Incubators

The History of American Enterprise: National Museum of American History

Starting a Business in Lee County, Florida

Starting a Business in Lee County

Business Tax Guide and Applications

Greater Fort Myers Chamber of Commerce: Start a Business in Fort Myers

Opening a Commercial Business in Lee County

Lee County Tax Collector Businesses Page

Lee County Chambers of Commerce

Lee County Business Incentives

Theme 5

John Maynard Keynes plays an integral part in Theme 5. Armed with nothing more than a driving curiosity and a single undergraduate class in economics, Keynes transformed modern economics as a field of study.

John Maynard Keynes and Bretton Woods:

Make Money While sitting on your Butt!

U.S. Government Treasury Bonds Treasury Direct

U.S. Government Treasury Direct

How to Buy Stocks Without a Broker

I Want to Start Buying Stocks

How to Buy Stocks Online


Direct Stock Purchase Plans

Investing in Bonds

Investing in Bonds Tips for Beginners

Investopedia on Bonds


Understanding Your W-2

The Form 1040: Your Tax Form

Other Evil Forms

Payroll Taxes

Income Tax Calculator

Income Tax Brackets